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High Peaks Photography features many of the notable buildings and architectural landmarks in cities around the United States. Working within a black and white world, High Peaks architecture photography melds the old with the new.

Keep checking back for photos near you as we may be visiting your city soon. And please keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, where you'll find the latest updates and locations.

We hope you enjoy our perspective!

Buffalo's Entertainment Architect - The Legacy of Michael Shea

Michael Shea grew up in Buffalo's First Ward in the late 1800s. He worked as a laborer on the docks ...

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Ellsworth Milton Statler: A visionary who started his empire in Buffalo, New York

I fully intended to make my next entry solely about the Statler Hotel, which is currently owned and operated on ...

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Buffalo Savings Bank Still Gaining Interest

Amidst the cranes and hope for a new Buffalo, sits wonders created in the past that still shine today. The ...

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    Buffalo, NY

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    Buffalo, NY


    Buffalo, NY


    Buffalo, NY

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